Taxing Electronic Cigarettes, does it make sense to you?

By | December 2, 2014

Now a days, it seems like lawmakers, on local and national levels, are making way to have electronic cigarettes taxed the same way that tobacco has been for years. It might be ok if they actually had good reason, but the majority of the reasons go from silly to just plain stupid.

None of the representatives from “Big Tobacco” will ever admit on the record that increased tobacco taxes are just a money grabbing scheme. Their rational for increase in taxes is the fact that tobacco products and smoking are bad for the health and potentially deadly. I mean let’s look at it this way they told us for years that there were no issues with smoking and allowed various forms of marketing which are not allowed today because of the high health risk associated with tobacco related products.

We can look at the rationale for tobacco taxes and the high prices associated with smoking cigarettes. They figure higher prices for cigarettes would discourage people from smoking, which it has for the most part, but if you’re truly addicted this won’t stop you from finding a way to purchase cigarettes. Let’s be honest the prices paid for cigarettes and other related products might be called for if it were to go to something that aids the people still faced with a moderate to heavy tobacco addiction or health effects due to tobacco, but they don’t and for the most part it has a lot to do with local government realizing that a person who is addicted will pay no matter what and they want to use the extra taxed for thing unrelated to the disease of smoking…

Dozens of states use a considerable part of collected cigarette taxes to fund education or other sectors that have little or nothing to do with smoking.

So now they want to come after ECigs and other types of smoking alternatives asking for a tax increase of up to 75%. Meanwhile the events and causes leading up to the increase of taxes and pricing for tobacco products have not occurred yet and most likely never will. Fact: At the moment there is no evidence that e cigarettes are harmful to peoples health. There is however many different studies and surveys that prove vaping on e cigarettes is much healthier and less harmful than Cigarettes or tobacco products.

Obviously you see that if people were to convert from the taxed “Big Tobacco” to the un taxed “Electronic Cigarettes” the state would lose money and well… we know they don’t want that right????