Electronic Cigars

Smoking Vapors premium e cigars are the best e-cigars in the industry. Smoking Vapors electronic cigar produces a thick, rich vapor, perfect for smoke rings without flame, ash, tar, or any lingering smell. Each of Smoking Vapors e cigars contains over 1,100 puffs – the equivalent of 5 traditional cigars. The future is here for cigar aficionados. SV premium e-cigars are available with and without nicotine. Smoking Vapor provides a premium e cigar with two different flavors. One is flavored similar to a swisher e cigar, a delicate blend of the top quality smooth Virginia tobaccos, some air-cured Burley and a touch of maple with a hint of grape extract giving it a long lasting rich smooth velvety taste which is distinctly unique compared to other e cigar brands. These e cigars have a huge vapor production that total out to 1100 puffs. The other of the two e cigars is our gold tobacco e cigars which are a delicate blend of the top quality smooth Virginia tobaccos, some air-cured Burley and a touch of maple without the grape. Both e cigars are a disposable e cigar so when you are through with the never-ending 1100 or more puffs you can just toss them. After all we wanted to give the realistic feeling of a traditional tobacco cigar so Smoking Vapor provided our customers with a premium e cigar taste with a price that is competitive with other premium e cigar brands. The Smoking Vapor e cigars provide a quality taste with the luxury of a no maintenance disposable e cigar. E cigars are an excellent invention next to the electronic cigarette giving the e cigar smoker the ability to enjoy his or her drink and puff their e cigars while doing so. While many have banned smoking indoors these e cigars can be puffed on indoors at the owner of the establishments’ discretion. These e cigars provide more than 1100 puffs to last you all evening at the poker table or your night out with the ladies. Smoking Vapors e cigars produce no ash, no residual odor. SV’s E Cigars are also Gluten-FREE and Diacetyl-FREE. What more can you ask for from a premium e cigar that produces so much flavor and so many puffs? Smoking Vapor E cigars are robusto length with a Ring size of 52.

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