E-Cigarette Cartridges

SV Smoking Vapor electronic cigarette cartridges are a chance to embrace your freedom and find your flavor. We have developed advanced vaporizer technology that delivers the highest satisfaction in the industry. All our flavors are proprietary blends using the highest quality gluten-free ingredients that have been meticulously crafted to produce the vapor, flavor and kick that you crave when it comes to electronic cigarette cartridges. Experience all the new flavors with your e cig cartridge and enjoy the sweet sensation of each puff. Our e-cig refill cartridges contain the same amount of puffs as a traditional pack of cigarettes, around 250. Once the cartridge has expired, you can simply replace it by swapping out the old e-cig cartridge for a new one. Available in four nicotine levels, 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2% and 0.0%. Electronic Cigarette cartridges are the easiest way to interchange between different flavors and/or nicotine levels. Once the e cig cartridge has expired you can simply dispose of it and apply one of the remaining e cigs cartridges. Some may feel that e cigs cartridges require too much effort and may want a disposable electronic cigarette and Smoking vapor offers them too at an affordable price. What sets Smoking Vapors electronic cigarette cartridges apart from other e cigs is the sleek looking battery we provide for the application of the e cig cartridge. Don’t leave home without them and have the ability to roam freely about your day and still enjoy the satisfaction of having your nicotine without the harmful chemical and the odor that comes with the traditional cigarette.

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