E Cig Starter Kits

For a truly superior electronic cigarette experience, SV starter kits come complete with everything you need and are fully customizable. Each kit is built with the latest battery technology designed to regulate energy to consistently deliver the best flavor with each puff. The SV e-cig is designed to be perfectly balanced, comfortable and timeless with a sleek, metallic shell and glowing LED indicator. Enjoy the pleasures of vapor with our e-cigarette starter kits and leave the odor and ash behind. When it comes to quitting smoking, SV has you in mind with our e cig starter kits with the quality we put into the development of our product. We offer these e cigs starter kits at an affordable price for such a quality made product it ranks up there with some of the best e cigarette starter kits. With prices starting at 24.95 you will come to agree that our electronic cigarettes are a superior quality matched with our e cigarettes starter kits best prices for the most value. At Smoking Vapor we know the most important person is our customer. If you are someone who is just quitting smoking or you are looking for a higher quality e cigarette and want to try us out with one of our e cig starter kits we welcome you just the same with a quality product that will last for more than 400 puffs. Be our guest and take our e cigarette for a test drive, because we know you will enjoy the ride with these e cig starter kits.

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