Disposable E Cigarettes

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
Quality Matters and we understand that here at Smoking Vapor. This is why we put so much effort into providing the best disposable electronic cigarette we could possibly create. When we say the best disposable e cigarette we are not blowing smoke we are informing you about the legacy in which we wish to leave upon the e cigarette community. Smoking Vapor spares no expense when it comes to the research and development we put into producing a classy high end disposable e cig that will expose your wow face and leave you awestruck when tasting the e juice vapor each one of our disposable e cigs emit. There’s no need for instructions on how to use disposable electronic cigarette because there are no buttons to push and nothing to charge. We made this disposable e cig easy to use and dispose of. Just remove from the box and vape on it as if it were a cigarette. When you are done with the disposable e cig, throw it away. It’s that simple! I repeat …There is no button to push, nothing to charge, nothing to connect, nothing to fill. Just take it out and puff away. Smoking Vapor disposable e cigs offer instant satisfaction when you don’t have time to spare. With up to 400 puffs and available in a variety of delicious flavors these are the perfect solution and offer spectacular versatility. Each of our disposable electronic cigarettes are equal to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigs, making this product convenient on space and time consumption. Be careful sharing with your friends. Once they try it, they won’t give it back!

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