Glas E Juice Review

By | October 3, 2015

Glas E Juice Review Milk Pebbles, and Pound Cake E Liquid

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Glas E Juice Milk E Liquid Review

Glas Milk E Liquid is a smooth and complex blend of strawberries and sweet cream. Glas Milk E Liquid captures that same and subtle taste; with notes of fresh strawberries and sweet cream on the inhale. 

That’s what they describe it as…

Here is what we say…

Glas Milk E Juice is definitely a great e liquid wrapped in an awesome example of a thoughtful bottle for ejuice. On inhale you can definitely taste the strawberries. On exhale and in some cases as the vapor sits in your mouth you can taste the creaminess. It’s a fabulous feeling you should try it. We made a video you can view the video below Check it out. 

Glas E Juice Pound Cake E Liquid Review

Glas Pound Cake E Liquid named after the centuries old traditional recipe, Pound Cake is marked by its creamy and balanced flavor. Glas Pound Cake E Liquid captures that same and subtle taste; with notes of fresh citrus and vanilla on the inhale that are followed by hints of warm cake and lemon zest on the exhale.

Thats what they said…

Here’s what we say…

We couldn’t agree more there are many other pound cake flavored e liquids out there, but Glas E Juice Pound Cake E Liquid is definitely one of the best we’ve had the privilege of vaping. The citrus and vanilla on inhale is just pleasing to the taste buds and they didn’t over do it on the citrus either; then on exhale the warm cake and lemon zest is just fabulous without being too overpowering in taste it is very well balanced out.

Here is a video review of it

Glas E Juice Pebbles E Liquid Review

Glas Pebbles E Liquid is a sophisticated dessert blend of fruit cereal and macaroon, Glas Pebbles E Liquid boasts a powerful balance of creamy and fruit flavor with a sweet vanilla crisp on the exhale.

That’s what they say…

Here is what we say…

Glas Pebbles E Liquid is just like it sounds with a kick of fruity and creamy mixed which is an awesome flavoring for a flavor chaser like me… The sweet vanilla crisp on exhale is the kicker that sells the whole thing. Great Job Glas E Juice. 

Here is a short video review of Glas E Juice Pebbles E Liquid

Let’s learn more about GLAS E JUICE and their brand initiative…


Glas E Juice began by developing mechanical devices. Using that same drive for excellence, we have crafted an e-liquid worthy of wearing the Glas E Juice name. We started with the ethos of perfect simplicity…from the design of a custom molded bottle to the development of flavors with extraordinary boldness and nuance. Glas E Juice possesses great elegance, with wonderful persistence on the finish, crafted through careful complexity and uncompromising perfection. Committed to quality with a focus on excellence, the Glas Juice experience extends beyond the individual product, with a concierge experience focused on making every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better each and every day… that is what Glas E Juice is all about.


In order to deliver an e-liquid worthy of the Glas name an entirely new bottle had to be designed that offers additional room for a full 30ml of liquid – unlike traditional bottles which need space for the dropper. This means Glas™ liquid delivers value in addition to quality.


Every batch of Glas E Juice is mixed to the highest standards for consistency and quality of flavor using the best flavorings and ingredients we can find to create one of the finest e-liquids available  on the market.

Glas e-liquid is crafted in small batches with only the highest ingredients available. Each of the three unique flavors available was crafted after a long, rigorous development process. They are delivered in distinctly recognizable bottles that were custom-made by Glas