Illuminati Vapor LION E-Liquid

Illuminati Vapor LION, A Vanilla Custard flavored E Liquid I have to say after trying this product Illuminati Lion is a great custard flavored E Juice. After doing a little research I discovered their website which is linked above and they really don’t have much in the way of branding on line, but their product… Read More »

Could They Regulate E-Cigarettes as Medicinal Products?!?

“The world has gone mad when tobacco is less regulated than products designed to end tobacco use.” This statement belongs to Martin Callanan, a member of the British Parliament, and it was made in reference to the UK’s decision to regulate electronic cigarettes as medicinal products by 2016. Although the FDA has yet to issue a… Read More »

A guide to Mechanical Mods

What is a Mechanical mod? A mechanical mod is a personal vaporizer device. It is a variably metallic tub that contains a replaceable rechargeable battery which are typically lithium ion based batteries. Typically on the tube there will be a button and when this button is engaged it completes a circuit that delivers unregulated current… Read More »

Taxing Electronic Cigarettes, does it make sense to you?

Now a days, it seems like lawmakers, on local and national levels, are making way to have electronic cigarettes taxed the same way that tobacco has been for years. It might be ok if they actually had good reason, but the majority of the reasons go from silly to just plain stupid. None of the representatives from “Big Tobacco”… Read More »

Do E-Cigs Contain Antifreeze?

Ever since the FDA released a press statement saying their tests revealed traces of diethylene glycol in e-cigarette liquid, there’s been a rumor going around about e-cigs containing dangerous antifreeze ingredients. Is there any truth to that, and should you be worried? Well, yes, and no… Let’s start at the beginning. In 2009, the American… Read More »

Top Mech Mods of 2014 | It’s up for the people to decide

Most Vapor Enthusiasts Asked Gave us these Mods as the best out. Feel free to chime in, it only makes the manufacturers better at making “Quality Mods” Sting Ray X Manufacturer: JD Tech Most vapor enthusiasts are already familiar and have come to love this Mod. JD Tech always seem to outdo themselves when it come… Read More »