A guide to Mechanical Mods

By | December 5, 2014

What is a Mechanical mod?

A mechanical mod is a personal vaporizer device. It is a variably metallic tub that contains a replaceable rechargeable battery which are typically lithium ion based batteries. Typically on the tube there will be a button and when this button is engaged it completes a circuit that delivers unregulated current to the atomizer. A mech mod as more popularly called contains no wiring or soldering nor any electronics.

Mechanical mods come in all different shapes and sizes. The following image shows one of the more recent Mods  “The Tugboat Mod“.



Safety Tips for Mechanical Mods

A Multi Meter can be a very useful device if you are using mechanical mods and they can be purchased from any electronics store for around 10 bucks. Multi Meters allow you to check battery voltage and resistance of your clearomizers and atomizers while also detecting shorts on the mech mod body.

Multi meter especially cheap ones can have inaccurate readings due to the multi-meter itself having resistance. The way to test this is to touch the probes together and notate the reading. That reading needs to be subtracted from any measurement.

What type of Battery and what quality?

You probably don’t want to neglect the quality of your batteries because if you go cheap that is typically what you will get in return and it is a detriment to your safety. 

You want to choose a protected lithium ION battery and ICR – Lithium Cobalt Oxide is a good choice. Most will tell you that the IMR (Lithium Manganese Oxide is safer due to being less volatile.

What are Rda’s Rta’s and Rba’s?

RBA = ReBuildable Atomizer – Includes RTAs and RDAs.
RTA = Rebuildable Tank Atomizer – Tank system that holds juice. Examples include: Kayfun, Russian, Aqua, Kraken, iSmoka Magoo
RDA = Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer – No tank to hold juice, you literally drip into it. Examples include: Igo, Trident.

Kayfun is a rebuild able atomizer. RBA. RDA stands for rebuild able dripping atomizer. RBAs have tanks. RDAs, you drip onto the coil and wick every time it goes dry. No tank. Just a deck (similar to how an RBA looks but with a well).

Rta Example:

Red Blue and Green Tanks for Mods

Red Blue and Green Tanks for Mods









RDA Example:

Premium RDAs  Picture of Tug Boat RDA

Tug Boat Rda’s








RBA Example: 

RBAs Re-Buildable Atomizer that includes Rda's and Rta's