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 Vapor Shop Owners, Liquid E Juice Makers, and Mech Mod Manufacturers

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We offer free listings, but free listings on our directory include no link to your site, they only link to Google Maps. Basic Listings on this site at this point are only $40.oo. A Full Listing is $75.00 and a Sticky Listing is $100.00. All Payments are processed through PayPal and are done through a secure server page which means that your personal information is protected. On top of being an Search Engine Optimization specialist I also specialize in Viral Marketing which means that once you become a member of this site you area constantly included in all of our campaignes which means that if I write a viral article which could bring 40,00 hits to a certain page in 1 hour (ask for analytics) your listing, company name and/or link to your site would be included on that page as well to give you a better opportunity for a Return on investment.  All payments go to making this website better and better every day and my college tuition. We offer exclusive banner spots for affordable prices. NOTE: When you buy the 100.00 listing it also includes a listing on the other site 

We Sell your E Liquid Juice and Vaporizer Products FOR YOU!!!!

When you purchase a full listing on Vapor Shop Finder, we will feature a 3 of your product backlinked to your products page for no fee!!! Products we feature are E Liquid or E Juice, Mechanical Mods, Batteries, Cotton, Tanks, Rda’s Rba’s and Rta’s, We’ll just say everything vapors would want!!!


Our listings are broken down very simply

My picturesque statement for beast mode SEO standing for beating up the internet with the Search Engine Picture from office space beating up hardware with bat

That point when you know you have a job to do and you’ll do what ever it takes


  1. Business Name
  2. Address
  3. Google Maps

Basic Listing $40.00 for 365 days

  1. Business Name
  2. Address
  3. Website
  4. FaceBook Or Twitter
  5. Short Business Description character limit 40 words
  6. Long Business Description
  7. And Tags (which are now keywords)
  8. 2 pictures allowed

Full listing $75.00 for 365 days

  1. Ratings and comment support J
  2. Business Name
  3. Address
  4. Website
  5. Face Book and Twitter
  6. Short Business Description character limit 60 words
  7. Long Business Description
  8. And Tags (which are now keywords)
  9. 4 pictures allowed

Sticky Listing $100.00 + initial listing fee for 365 days

Our store sells your products at this level and we guarantee they sell many times over.

  1. Ratings and comment support
  2. Business Name
  3. Address
  4. Website
  5. FaceBook and Twitter
  6. Short Business Description character limit 60 words
  7. Long Business Description
  8. And Tags (which are now keywords)
  9. 4 pictures allowed
  10. We set you up a personal Store forum specifically for patrons of the store
  11. We announce your company with a post and Press Release welcome
  12. You remain at the top of that state with either a follow or no follow your choice
  13. We will list between 3 and 6 of your products in our store which lead back to your online site for them to purchase. We optimize all of this to guarantee an ROI and they remain up for the whole year and this would repeat when you renew next year.
  14. 401 Redirects to your listing when a company goes out of business in the state you are listed in. The same will be applied to products no longer listed or listed by a different company.

Hello fellow vapor enthusiasts,

Featured listings on Vapor Shop Finder

See what a Featured Listing looks like HERE

I wanted to bring to your attention my website you are currently listed on and how it works. First of all I am an SEO specialist and have been since earlier in the decade. The Web Development thing came within the last 5 years. I have developed what I like to call the Tri-fecta +1 and it is unique. Vapor Shop Finder has a directory equipped with follow and no follow links to your website and Social Pages like Facebook and Twitter, as well as pictures and other generic details like phone number, address, and Name of Company. Depending on which listing you decide to purchase these things will become available and will be indexed into 1400 or so search engines. People will be allowed to comment by logging into their facebook and also have the ability to recommend your company and provide critic. And just keep in mind I control all of it and I can’t stand YELP due to their not deleting comments policy. You must know that we provide free listings, but do not provide a searcher with anything but a listing address and map to their company.

Companies: Vapor Shops, E Liquid E Juice whole sellers or distributors and retail companies, Mech Mods Distributors and manufacturers, and companies that supply and manufacture accessories for mechanical mods or other vape related stuff. We will sell any of your products for you provided that you have a website with a gateway page protecting the link that I will be sending them to when they purchase from your site.

Check out our Forum Here very simple, but indexes everything with Google

We also have an online forum which we offer to vapors and companies alike to offer to the rif raf traipsing about the store so they can sit and talk in the forum about your store while sitting there with four or five others. You can talk about anything regarding vaping, vape juice and Vapor Shops.

We have Facebook Forums all over the country and some in Southeast asia.


We also offer web development, search engine optimization, and or just a free consultation to possibly help you increase your online Profit. I currently help 2 companies in the Vapor Industry and have saved them a whole lot of money with PPC and also have increased their organic ranking profit by 400% over one year. These prices are a drop in the bucket to what this all includes…

I am one man with a lot of connections including college students right here in the US that can provide you with many things related to the Online Marketing/Graphic Design/Web Development area of expertise that work for affordable prices.



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